Another 3 AM

Well last night around 8 I got an urgent email from a lady I sell wholesale to.. She was in dire straights to get some more product, because everything I made for her had sold... so I had to make a mad dash to my store... we decided to spend the night and get the other part of the store done up for the fall show.. well it was 3 AM when I finally hit the hay... 3 hours of sleep is just not cutting it though... it took me a greater part of the week after being up there for the weekend getting the main part of the store done.. I forgot to take some pictures so I will be posted them later on... I am so tired but I think I am on over tired.. also I am waiting on UPS to pick up my wholesale order.. I can't wait for the show to get here so I can get some sleep...lol.. I have been a busy bee thought..I managed to get two of my favorite Santa's done yesterday before we headed up to the store...... I have them for sale on my WSOAPP site.. well these tired eyes are of to sew some dollies lets hope I don't sew my fingers.. lol

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