New Shop Photo's

It was a long long weekend... I was at the store getting it ready to be reopened for this Thursday... I packed everything up in totes and moved them into the room we add on every year for our fall show... after that I moved all the furniture... and well almost got hit in the head by a very large super heave door.. someone was watching out for me that day... so I have to get many more dolls done to finish up to fill he add on room... we have decided to leave that part of the store... so i will be busting my butt... so here are a few photo's to share with you.. if you scroll through my blog you will see some old photo's of the store to see what I did..

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Dani said...

Wow your store is full of so much goodies, I'd be there in heartbeat to shop til I drop. LOL
one of everything. OH I can see myself in there.
It's awesome!
Thanks for sharing!