A New Heart

Through the magic of the internet I have come to know Pea quite well...
I am posting her post below
Hello Dear Friends,Let me introduce you to Alex. He is being a big good here. Alex is a beautiful, bright, gentle, young man. He is the son of my Very Best Friend in the whole world. He is 17 years old and has lived more in this short life then most of us can imagine. You see Alex was born with 15 heart defects. The only human being on the planet with all 15 and the only person to live with 6 of the most dangerous and live to tell about it. The right side of his heart has been wired, looped, changed and added to do the work for the whole heart. His left ventricle was small and basically non functioning. Alex has lived through 3 open heart surgeries, a stroke at the age of 5 that left him with some paralysis and a pacemaker at the age of 13. Yet, looking at him you would never know it. The time has come for Alex to need a new heart. He has had all they can do to the one he was born with. The pressure his heart is pumping is causing his lung, liver and arteries to burst holes into them leaking out oxygen. They have all been repaired and this is no longer a option. Alex need a new heart. The next two days are critical. He will under go a battery of tests for the whole two days. His body, mind and spirit will all be tested. After these tests they could simply say (((NO))) he can't have a new heart and that will mean after all this fighting, struggling, and heartache we will loose him. Alex has a circle of family and friends that love him. They include Mom and Dad, 3 brothers, a 7 yr old sister and a nephew. Not to mention my family and I- his extended family as well. I am asking for prayers, happy thoughts or well wishes. What ever you believe, if you could keep this young man at the top of your list I would appreciate it. It is a fight for life, to the death. We can't loose him yet, He has come too far and has helped so many kids like him in the process. He has been the test patient. They have learned so much about a childs heart because of Alex and saved a few because of it. There is still more to learn. He has much to do in his life. He wants to make a difference beyond what he already has.So for the next TWO DAYS please keep him in your thoughts. Thank you from Alex, me and his family. He told me he loved me today and he hasn't said that since he was about 3 so you know he is scared. We all are. go hug your kids. How lucky you are. Blessings,Pea
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Sonia ;) said...

Ann...I too posted...he is in all our prayers.

Sonia ;)

Phillane E'lee said...

I don't know how to Thank YOU! Alex's family and mine as well are sending you HUGE HUGS!
God's blessings always,Pea!