Happy Birthday To Meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Well another year has passed, do I feel older well maybe a little (only because it is back to school time and having to get up in the wee hours of the morning are killers) Do I feel any wiser, sure do.. everyday of life is a new learning experience.. My daddy is taking me out to the KEG for dinner.. yummy.... Hubby is buying me my most favorite things in the world Carmel covered, chocolate covered, goodies on the out side covered apples... they are to die for... Will snap a picture to post up for you..


~Tonya said...

Happy Birthday to you ANN!!

I think we all feel a little older at times, but feeling a little wiser, is always great!!

Yes, the early morning are killers, but once we get on track again....I think we get lots more done :)

Have fun at KEG and I bet those carmel covered, chocolate covered apples are yummy!! Ummmm for me, just leave out the apple. LOL

Hope all your Birthday wishes come true, Ann.

Birthday hugs to you,

angiesraggedypatch said...

Happy Late Birthday!
I hope you had a great one!