Moving On Down

well last year I moved my shop upstairs to my son's bedroom and moved him down to the basement... I had fun working upstairs I was amazed that I fit almost my whole basement of supplies into such a tight room.. well anyways... I spent this past weekend moving myself back down to the basement.. the dust was so unreal upstairs from the ripping of fabric and sanding and such that it was making everything dirty and dusty.. so now being in the basement I will be able to be messy again (lol) and get more done.. I am going to paint up my son's room and move him back up .. no he is not happy but he is getting to that age were trusting him is very hard to do... I am sure many of you know what it is like to have a teenager running around the house thinking he knows it all.. doesn't seem to matter either how much you tell them they don't.. and they have a lot of growing to still do.. but I know when he is older it will all sink in so I just keep on telling him.. Well as you can see below I have listed a few items for sale on eBay the bottle shaped gourds have gone.. I will be listing more this week as I go through my stuff..
PS.. check out eBay putting wool on sale..

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