New changes coming to Crowing About Primitives
Happy New Year to All
Many new changes coming this year..

YES I will still be offering wool, but I will be listing it as I have it available and will also be noting to please email me big wool orders a week in advance so I can be sure to have all the wool washed and ready to ship.

Muslin doll part etc. I am going to be offering pattern pieces sewn up for sale, I will do up any pattern asked for. I have many patterns but if I do not have what you are looking for I will ask that you supply me with the pattern to be sewn up. I follow the pattern instructions stated in pattern.

PATTERNS... well I have wanted to do this for many years with a little hesitation of stepping on toes of other designers.... I have some ideas of what I want to do but now I need to figure out how to print up regular patterns and e patterns if anyone can help me out with sources to do this I would be forever grateful... I will do my best to not step on toes...

SHOWS... I did two major shows last year and they were great.. so looking into doing them and more..

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