It's been a while


I meant to share these pictures much earlier then now but so much has been going on here.... I had to back to back shows that kept me busy and then I deciede last minute to sign up for the winter show here in my town... so I have been working very hard to make some more goodies...
While I was getting ready for my first two shows my son broke his arm playing football for his school... so we had a 6 hour wait at the emercany waiting to get his cast put on.. I couldn't beleive they let him sit there for 6 hours before telling us it was broken.... anyways after that we were told his ex-rays would be sent up to HURK clinic and that they would call us for an appointment.. NO CALL I had to call them to find out it had been kicked back to University Hospital because my son was not 16 so PEDS had to look at it.. so after two weeks we got in to PEDS... here comes the shocker... the doctor asked Kyle to put his arm out and he took a hold of the cast and wiggle wiggle off it came no saw needed.. we were in shock.. the doctor said he thought it strange that kyle was making a fist with his cast on he said most people leave the fingers out straight.. he said he was holding it on.. So we got him recasted with a fiberglass cast... We go back today to get it cut off and x-rays done to see if it has healed or if he needs surgery...

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~Tonya said...

So sorry to hear about your son, Ann. Does he need surgery? Poor kid. That is a long time to wait and now I am sure it will have some type of affect on his long term healing and growth, because the cast was not put on properly to begin with :(

Sorry to hear about the problems with the gal sewing for you. I have ALWAYS said, "What something done right, do it yourself!"

Take care Ann.