Missing In Action

I have been MIA for a little while seem to be down and out...
I got a tooth filled 3 weeks ago, and well that turned out to me a nightmare... I had pain before the freezing was out and the pain grew and grew.. from 7 pm that night until about midnight I had taken 10 Advil's to get the pain to dull itself down.. I woke up in massive pain after a couple of hours of sleep... this went on for a week and the pain was not going away... I called my dentist two days after telling him the pain was not getting less.. he prescribed pain killers and well that did not even touch the pain either.. so that Saturday (day before Easter) I called the dentist and told him it needed to come out.. He said he could get me in at 5 pm so I sat waiting in pain... my husband drove me back to the city for the appointment .. he broke some speed laws to get me there fast... well as soon as the tooth came out .... NO MORE PAIN... only pain I had after this was a healing pain... I can stand that one... I am to go back to the dentist next Tuesday to have the same tooth pulled on the other side seeings as it would need the same filling... now way I want that pain ever again.. so pulling it will be.. thank goodness they are my back teeth..
And now I have just been down in the dumps.. I went and cleaned and reorganized my shop and made a little painting section.. well I have not wanted to go down although I have a painting I want to start... But I am still taking lessons and well am scared to ruin this one as it is very large...
I am getting some inspiration from the book I bought (The artist Way) this is a wonderful book for inspiration and becoming unblocked..
if anyone has a way of getting out of these funks please let me and other know..
Okay chow for now.. many many blessings

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