Tuesdays Work

I have been absent from my blogging for a wee bit.. I have been busy moving my workspace upstairs, and now that I am settled in I have been working hard and getting dolls traced, sewing and stuffed up.. Trying to also get ready for our fall show that is not that far away... I spend my night hand stitching up my tea towels... I had plenty I thought done up in the store but we are done to only a few left.. so my fingers have been very busy and very sore...
And I started this wall hanging this afternoon ... Ambitious I know..
and other things I have gotten myself into are a few online courses
Suzi Blu's Goddess and the Poet
Gritty Jane's painting faces
Gritty Jane's Table Leg Dolls
I was able to try a little painting with what I learned from Jane... I still have a ways to go but I am getting there...
This is a picture of one of Jane's Table Leg Dolls to show you what I will be doing when I get my legs and finials... those are hard to find here in Canada..

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Phillane E'lee said...

Your towels are adorable but your painting is wonderful Ann. I am so jealous. Would love to take her classes but out of my budget. maybe someday.