Making More Changes

Well as you all know I started moving my work shop up stairs to were my son use to sleep.. (he is now downstairs)I thought I had it all done but as I was making up dolls and getting ready for our fall show I was finding this small space getting smaller as I had no shelves.. so below are pictures from were I started to were I ended up..
This is were I use to be in the basement..
Here is my shop upstairs in my son's old room.. I put up shelves for my paint and extra goodies..
I hung a shelf and about another 3 that I do not have pictures of.. it was okay but the coach was really a waste of space.. so I decided last night that I wanted to take the coach back down to the basement and bring up my shelves from the basement..
And here we are.. all done.. most all of my goodies from the basement are up here now..

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angiesraggedypatch said...

You have been busy!
Happy crafting in your new room!