Early Mornings

6AM.... and my day begins... these early mornings are killer on me.. My son started high school this September.. School hours start at 8:15 so he has to leave to catch the bus at 7:30... my son is not a get and go kinda boy... my hubby gets up at 5AM to leave for work at 6AM when I get up... After I get showered I wake my son up.. I get a 5 min shower while he takes forever.. While he is in the shower I am making him his breakfast fruit smoothie and rye toast... After breakfast I get to style his hair.. he is my little Zack Efron.. he has the same hair style so that takes some gel and lots of blow drying.. I know I must be nuts.. but it is high school.. lol.. then I make his lunch and send him packing... Now it is 7:30 AM and my day begins... It is hard to get started on my dolls this early so I usually finish my fruit smoothie and have some toast and start work about 9AM... when 3 roles around I am beat.. almost need to have a nap but my son is home then so I have to make sure he is getting started on his homework... then it is time to prep supper.. this is when I wish that I had a chef as I am not in the mood to cook and while I am getting ready for this fall show I definitely don't want to cook.. I like it to be fast and easy supers but that is hard now when we are eating healthy.. Me and my son started eating better in May and have stuck with it and both of us have dropped 20lbs each.. YEAH!!!! we both feel so much better... Today we are off to the dentist for our cleaning, I don't mind cleaning... Well I should be off and start my day.. many things to do.. and not much time left to do them in.. just wanted to touch base to let you know I am around... PAM teach me how to get my pets to work for me ( Pam of Soft In the Head)...

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angiesraggedypatch said...

Congrats on lossing 20 pounds!!!
thats awesome!
girl~ I feel your pain! I have 2 girls 10 and 14 and I still end up helping them with thier hair lol!