Had to Higher Some Help

As many of you know I am getting ready for our yearly fall show.. I have been sewing and cutting and stuffing like mad.. I now have three weeks and I know that seems like a lot but it really isn't.. I wish we had 36 hour days.. Anyways my son is always in need of money so I decided to offer him min. wage to work for me.. Today was his first day, I thought for sure he would give up but he put in a sold 5 1/2 hours @ 8.90 an hour.. so of course we had to go out and spend his earnings.. lol.. He has plans to work with me tomorrow and a couple hours a night during the week.. stuffing is a little tricky for him but he turns my stuff out, and gets them started with stuffing.. I stuffed all day with him.. we have lots done .... I will post pictures of new things done soon..
Time to hit the hay ..


Phillane E'lee said...

Good send him over girl! I could keep him busy too.

angiesraggedypatch said...

My girls help me too. They are learning not to push through the stitching when they stuff lol!
thank God for our helpers!

Crowing About Primitives said...

He doesn't quite have the stuffing down but he is learning.. for now I just get him to push some in and I fiddle with getting it tight...