Christmas Decoration

Here is my tree... it has many more presents under it now... all ready for the holiday season..

Starting to put out my Christmas decorations has me thinking back to when I first moved out.. I had nothing borrowed a table for the kitchen and was given a couch for the living room but it did not fit because of the apartment I was renting was the top level of a house.. so all we had was a bed and a kitchen table not that it mattered I was not much of a cook when I first moved out...lol.. Now I have so much stuff I have to pack some goodies away so that I can fit out all my Christmas goodies.. As many of you know I am a collector of others hand mades and I have quite a few... My home is starting to look like our Primitives Shop... I can remember when I did not have a lot of furniture that matched and what not but over the last 20 years since I first moved out I have made my home a quaint little primitive home.. I keep adding as the years go by.. I know the day is not far away from when my son will be leaving home to start his own adventures.. I will help him like I was helped when I moved out, give him our old furniture and what nots.. I can't believe were I am from were I was...lol... Time sure does fly by... So on I go putting up my Christmas decorations and sing jingle bells over and over.. lol.. I am a Christmas nut.. I have more space to fill since we have added some new primitives pieces to our home.. So I told hubby I need to buy some more creative pieces from my long inspiring artist..

Pictures to come.. Merry Christmas.. HO HO HO

this is my Hibiscus Plant

Goodies I just can't bring myself to put away.. I keep most all of my doll collection out year round... some Christmas goodies get put away but not many..


MadameSamm said...

That so reminds me of our new beginnings...How delighted to find your and your blog...Looking forward to your holiday decorations...
blessings Madame Samm

Phillane E'lee said...

You have some wonderful goodies ANN.
I love all your goodies. I have very few pieces but usually get to add one or two to my collection. Like you I have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to many things. I got rid of about 8 tubbies full of stuff last year. All china stuff so I can keep the good stuff. Simply don't have the storage and not into the fancy stuff anymore.
Have a great week my friend.