Brrrrr It sure is COLD here

Burr.... winter took it's time getting here but I think it is here to stay for a bit now.. We only have a small skiff of snow :( ... we are sitting at -10 C but with the wind it feels like -19 C...

I am all caught up on Christmas Orders and am taking it a little slower now.. Do have my mind in work mode though.. I am seriously thinking of doing one of our local craft shows next year .. it runs 4 days.. so I have been searching and going through my patterns to get stuff ready .. I will have to start now to be ready for that show and our annual fall tour... if anyone has any ideas of great items to make that sell well please post me a note..

Christmas Shopping is all done other then a few stocking goodies.. I need to learn to cut back I say that every year.. but I just can't seem to do that.. I love to spoil my family and myself.. oh well it's only once a year right.. Soft In the Head has a couple of items I really want but just have to find some extra money before they sell..

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Snugglebug Blessings said...

Winter hit us too! it was in the single digets although we didn't quite make it below zero like you did. God bless ya, that must be way to cold. Not sure if I would ever come out of the house till Spring. Stay warm and injoy your Christmas. God bless.